Photo restorations

I will do my best to digitally restore your photo, removing tears, scratches improving faded and washed out images as well as colour correction.

Photos are a precious piece of your history and once they are gone there is no bringing them back. Have them digitally restored or repaired and archive them for future generations or reprint, frame and put them back on display.

Your photos are scanned in high resolution and if possible carefully restored to as close to their original condition as possible.

I will also supply a free 10cm x 15cm print of your restored photo (larger sizes can also be supplied).

If I don't think that I can repair the photo to a level that I am happy with, then I will not charge for it.

pricing 2.JPG


Restoration prices Depending on what you are planning on doing with the file once the photo has been restored may affect the final price of the restoration. I will work with you to ensure you achieve the outcome you need.

Timelapse of photo restoration

If you already have the photo scanned and would just like a quote or some advice, then I can do that too, just click on my email address below and attach it the email.

Or if you can have the photo scanned, I can work on the scanned image, just try to scan the photo in at least 600 dpi and scan in colour even if it is a black and white photo and save it as either a jpg or tiff file.

Have a look through the images below, they show before and after restoration.